AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

Plärrer Fair Parade 2012


After the permanent rainstorms of the previous night, nobody would have believed that the Plärrer Fair Parade 2012 could take place without a thorough soaking of the participants. But in the morning of August 25, the sky was clear and the sun shining on Augsburg.

In good time, the 86 members of the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade from Wiesbaden arrived at the city hall in order to participate also in this year’s traditional Augsburg Plärrer Fair Parade. Initiated by the Amerika in Augsburg e.V. Society, and invited by Lord Mayor Dr. Kurt Gribl, CSM Marc A. Scott led the so far strongest group of soldiers that were participating in the parade since Augsburg base closure. In front, a group of five formed the Color Guard IAW the U.S military tradition.

Emphasized has to be the kind support of the City’s administration and of the Bierzelt-keeper, visited after the parade, that made this great visit possible. Before the event, the Society had to face a lot of organizational detail work with quite a number of e-mails. Everybody was pleased by the recurring participation of a number of veterans of the American Legion Augsburg, Dwight. D. Eisenhower - Post Gr 13. Members of the Society made the participation of historical Army vehicles and several acquainted re-enactors possible.

Augsburg’s citizens along the roadside were as happy as in previous years about the reunion with the “American past”, however short. Even the young waiter in the big Bierzelt was pleasantly surprised by the American visit, his grand dad having been – an American at Gablingen!



                               Gorgeous coaches parade along the busses of the arriving soldiers.


      Meeting at the fountain of emperor Augustus. “He” is directing towards the parade’s meeting area.


                                                    The delegation in the Golden Hall of the city hall.


                                                                      Starting in the Hallstraße


         Entering the Augsburger Plärrer“. Crisp roast chicken and cool beer are waiting for everybody!


              Everybody is enjoying the beer! Right: AiA Chairman Georg Feuerer among the soldiers.


                            Left: Dialogue between U.S. Artillery and Royal Bavarian Light Cavalry.


        Left: Farewell meeting. The charming “Plärrer Girl” in the middle. Right: An Augsburg souvenir.


                           Final words with CSM Marc A. Scott, surrounded by Bavarian tradition.


Gathering in front of the Bierzelt before the return journey to Wiesbaden. For the short visit at Augsburg, the American guests were taking a 10-hour journey upon them - the enthusiasm of the citizens of Augsburg being their reward.


Photo-Copyright: Amerika in Augsburg e.V. 

Translation: Heinz Strüber