AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

Plärrer Fair Parade 2016


After such a lousy summer, who would have imagined that exactly during the Plärrer Fair Parade the weather would be at its best? At more than 30° C in the shade, Amerika in Augsburg e.V. attended for the 12th time the Augsburg Autumn Plärrer Fair Parade, together with a 66th MI Brigade delegation of 40 from Wiesbaden.

Glorious like the sun, the new commander of the 66th MI Brigade, COL Devin M. Blake attended the parade and the following visit at one of the beer tents. With disarming charm COL Blake mastered all spontaneous situations. For many Augsburgers, female and male, that once had U.S. contacts, the encounter with the last unit that had been stationed here, was a welcome memory of past times.

Due to the hot temperature, the young soldiers, male as well as female, especially enjoyed a cool Augsburger beer. Of course, Coke and water were also welcome refreshments. And there was the obligatory grilled chicken. Their first visit at Augsburg will be commemorated by these young Americans as well as by the recently promoted COL Devon M. Blake.


 The traditional group photo at the town hall’s Golden Hall – for the very first time also with the Colors.


Lord Mayor Dr. Kurt Gribl and his wife Sigrid are welcoming COL Devon M. Blake, right. 1st AiA Chairman Georg Feuerer.


    Royal Bavarian Cavalry during an intense conversation with COL Blake on the Maximilianstraße.


A group photo full of contrasts: The 66th Military Intelligence Brigade (middle: COL Blake) with the traditionalists of the 4th Royal Bavarian Light Cavalry (4. Chevaulegers)-Regiment “König”).


                                     What may the Bavarian dandy have told to Mrs. Colonel?


  In Augsburg COL Blake could even talk with a Honolulu policeman (reenactor Gerhard Rankl, right).


Left: A colorful circle of women is meeting before the parade (left: COL Blake). Right: Historical diversity is grouping with COL Blake for an extraordinary photo.


                                March of the delegation on the sunbaked, hot Karolinenstraße...


                                               …cool shade on the Gesundbrunnenstraße


                  Entering the Plärrer Fair area. Up front COL Devon M. Blake with the Color Guard.


A big tire for Amerika in Augsburg e.V.: Veterans and guests, having reached the destination of the parade, are dismounting the truck.

                                 COL Blake was not only an attentive but also a cheerful listener.


Left: A young GI intensively talking with the chairman of the Chevaulegers. Right: Great thirst and excellent beer are mingling.


Experts are talking: Modern U.S. Intelligence and reenactor Franz Gnugesser of the 3rd Infantry Regiment Prinz Carl”. COL Blake experienced a historical and cultural travel through time in Augsburg.

All photos: Amerika in Augsburg e.V.