AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

AIA Project Employer

For the exploration of this subject, interviews and briefings with former local national (LN) employees and DA civilians (DAC) will take place. This way, detailed knowledge of a time in which up to 2300 citizens of Augsburg had a job in kasernes and other real property of the Army can be gained.

During a public lecture in “Kulturhaus abraxas” on November 10, 2005, members of our organization as well as former US employees talked about the role of the military as employer at the beginning and in the later days. Especially the witnesses of this time are indispensable helpers if we want to take care of this period of Augsburg´s history. During the evening, we could talk with a guest who had been hired by the Americans as an interpreter on Augsburg Main Station (of all places!). He was probably the very first local national who worked for the US in Augsburg!

Another witness talked about his former employment with Labor Service that constituted the beginning of German-American employment. Details of the work for public affairs (USMCA) and facility engineering (FE, DEH) were reported by other former local national (LN) employees of the Army.

On November 12, 2005 our organization presented itself at the annual reunion of former LNs at the "Bräuhaus" inn, Stadtbergen, where it tried to gain contribution to the exploration of this year´s subject, as the activities of the Army in Augsburg had been very extensive. Especially important is how the Works Council and the Unions looked after the LNs´ interest

         Employees are awarded by the Community Commander for faithful service.