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During the 53 years of the U.S. military presence, numerous events stimulated also the non-military life within the Augsburg kasernes. Holidays, battalion days, unit anniversaries, sports competitions, BBQs, etc. integrated the soldiers and their families into the great American community within the boundaries of the kasernes. The commitment to the American culture formed “America in Augsburg” in a way that will always be remembered - even by many citizens of Augsburg. At the same time, these experiences formed American memories of Augsburg that come across until today. 

The events were also photographed. Many amateur pictures are reaching us in various ways. Outstanding are, among others, the photos that Michael Leary made at sports events at Flak Kaserne, but also at Augsburg’s two other kasernes, His impressive, realistic black and white photos have their own special style that focuses, above all, on the persons of the scenes. At the same time, these pictures feature events in a kaserne scene that had been growing in decades – something that can never be retraced on location. Therefore these pictures are an important historical document. 

Only a very limited selection out of the great number of Michael Leary’s photos of the American barracks life between 1987 and 1991 can be presented here. We thank him sincerely for his publication permit. The pictures are exemplary for the barracks life with its many events, games and fun.

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All photos by courtesy of Michael Leary.

Translation: Heinz Strüber, 2013



                                     Live music was accompanying the events at Flak Kaserne.


                                                       Softball at Sheridan´s Athletic Field.


                                                               Basketball at Reese Gym.