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Ceremonies and Parades

For ages, military customs distinguished themselves by the representation of impressive parades on special occasions. This was also the case with the U.S. Army in Augsburg, when e.g. Change of Command or Reorganization Ceremonies took place. 

A number of photographic documents from the 50s show how U.S. military traditions were part of Augsburg’s daily life during the post war and reconstruction years. Presentations of the Colors, Honor Guards, military bands or convoys of vehicles – already at an early stage America in Augsburg presented itself as the demonstrative protective power and as an integral part of the Roman city on the rivers Lech and Wertach.


                                            Flak Kaserne, summer 1954

                   Replacement of 43rd Infantry Division by 5th Infantry Division


                              Reese Barracks ca. 1955 (Photo: Arthur Muns)


                           Sheridan Kaserne ca. 1955 (Photo: Arthur Muns)


                          Flak Kaserne, 5th Infantry Div (Photo: Arthur Muns)


Flak Kaserne, February 29, 1956; Replacement of 5th Infantry Division by 11th Airborne Division


            Flak Kaserne, 11th  Airborne Division (Photos: 11th  Airborne Division)


 11th Airborne Div, Gablingen 1958; Farewell Parade for General Major Hugh P. Harris (Photo: Dillon Prendergast).


      11th Airborne Division, Gablingen, April 15, 1958 (Photo: Dillon Prendergast)


            11th  Airborne Division, Sheridan Kaserne (Photo: Dillon Prendergast)


Color Guard in the heart of the city of Augsburg (Photo: 2000 Years Augsburg, chronicle, 1984)


              Sheridan Kaserne, July 23, 1985 Change of Command ceremony:

                       BG Donald E. Eckelbarger > BG Howard C. Eggleston


                 Change of Command, Sheridan Kaserne 1977, 3rd/63rd Armor.


   Award Ceremony, 204th MI Bn, Flak Kaserne about 1990. (Photo: Michael Leary).


Troops are back at Sheridan Kaserne after Operation Desert Shield/Storm (August 1990 - January 1991), May 1991. (Photos: Michael Leary).


200th Anniversary of the United States Declaration of Independence

On July 4, 1976, extensive Bicentennial celebrations were held in the USMCA Augsburg. On Sheridan Kaserne’s Dawson Field, a colorful parade with historical depictions took place. This typical American festival was an important event in the history of the Augsburg garrison and the attendance of American forces. The following photos are shown by courtesy of Dan Bower.


The embodiment of George Washington (front) with the 13-star Betsy Ross flag, representing the original 13 British colonies, with the stars arranged in a circle - having been the American flag from 1776-1795.


Philadelphia’s “Liberty Bell” rang out when the Declaration of Independence was publicly announced for the first time at Independence Square on July 8, 1776.