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Sheridan Mess Hall


For decades, Mess Hall Bldg 118, called “Bavaria House”, was a meeting-place of the soldiers of Sheridan Kaserne. The building, constructed in the typical NS architectural style in 1936/37, was later surrounded by deciduous trees. Located at the perimeter of Dawson Field, it provided a great view across the vast lawn area in front of the building vs. east (> Bldg 134, originally another a Mess Hall, later the Child Care Center). This lawn area, once also an emergency flight strip of the Wehrmacht, was basically utilized as a sports and parade field by the Army.

In the late 70s and early 80s, the building was renovated to meet contemporary standards, especially in regard to kitchen equipment, utilities, and later, energy saving windows and heating.Due to the conversion of the kasernes after base closure, Bldg 118 was demolished as almost all buildings of Sheridan Kaserne. The following photographs therefore are a reminder for its many former users. At the same time they are a typical example of the pragmatic American (re-) using culture of former German kasernes.


                                                         View from the road, main entrance.


                                                         Secluded patio on the south side.


                                Back side (southwest) with the enclosed yard for supply delivery.


                                                Backside (northwest) with park (dining area).


                                     Rooms with ambience for “Bavaria House’s” special guests.


                                                A view of the kitchen area (without equipment).


                                               Mess (the tables have already been removed).


                            A view from the Athletic Field towards the Mess Hall. (Photo: Volstadt).


                                                                        General view.

Translation: Heinz Strüber, June 7, 2012