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U.S. General Appointed Honorary Swabian


Augsburg, Königsplatz, August 1975. Only the color of his skin discerned one of the most constant guests of the former ”Sieben-Schwaben-Stuben“ (Seven Swabians Inn)(innkeeper: Willy Ost) from the “natives”. 45 years of age, Brigadier General Charles Rogers, supreme chief of the U.S. troops between Stuttgart and Augsburg, not only spoke almost accent-free German, he also knew what was what in regard to country and people. And he had a special liking for Swabian food specialties. Together with his family, he was a regular guest of the restaurant at the Königsplatz.

For “Charly”, as most of his friends could call him out of duty hours, it was a genuine concern to take care of the German-American friendship. He even invited participants of a language course to a visit in Willy Ost’s “Sieben-Schwaben-Stuben”, where he paid the bill of those who could express themselves in German.

However, Charly Rogers could realize his efforts in regard to the German-American friendship only for a too short time. Already after eleven months, he was promoted to Major General and transferred. The “Sieben-Schwaben-Stuben” said good-bye to him in a dignified way: During his gala dinner at the Officers Club in Sheridan Kaserne, he was appointed Embassador of “Swabian Delicatessen” all over the world by Willy Ost. So he became number six of the Honorary Swabians in Augsburg.

(See: “Sieben-Schwaben-Kurier”, the gazette of the restaurant, August 1975)