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Monday, April 24, 1944: Gablingen Air-Raid


“Amerika in Augsburg” - America over and above Augsburg: Already a long time before the day of liberation on April 28, 1945, U.S. forces had contacted Augsburg.

During the warfare against Hitler’s Germany, British bombers attacked Augsburg already as early as in August 1940 (always at nights). Air-raids by the U.S.Air Force during the days started on February 25 and 26, 1944, and ended only a couple of days before the end of the war.

An aerial, dated July 15, 1943, proofs that - at least at that time – U.S. reconnaissance flights above Augsburg were already executed. The picture shows Gablingen Air Field with a great number of German aircraft of Kampfgeschwader (battle squadron) Legion Condor that were redeployed to Brjansk (middle section of the Eastern Front) on the very same day. (Photo # 43068/0, 1:9500, 540 Sqdn)

Mr. Reinald Schlosser, Gersthofen, hobby researcher of the history of his hometown and its environs, compiled an impressive documentation from internet and other sources and was kind enough to allow its use by Amerika in Augsburg e.V.

The fate of the Zwangsarbeiter (forced labor) camp in the North of the air field area that was heavily hit by the bombardment of the U.S.Air Force, received attention, too.

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