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Why were the Amis here?
Location Augsburg

Documentation Work

Many documents left behind in vacant barracks which reflect the former presence of
U.S. Forces in Augsburg.

Around 2.000 pictures of U.S. barracks and facilities - taken after base closure - reflect half a century of U.S. Forces presence. But also photographs of earlier times have been collected and are still being looked for.


The Society “Amerika in Augsburg e.V.” is compiling information of the peaceful surrender of Augsburg on April 28, 1945.

Extensive documentations including original newspaper articles and cuttings show the topics of the post-war era. Extensive contemporary-history material, clips of press reports and original documents substantiate the particular U.S. Army problems in Augsburg.


Special edition of the “Ninth Division News” on the occasion of the Reorganization Ceremony on December 21, 1946.

"The Third Infantry Division” report of 1947 about the advance thru Europe from 1944 until the end of WW II in 1945. Among other things, there are descriptions of Southern Germany and the Augsburg area.


Original war bulletins on the occupation of Augsburg by three regiments of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Division on April 28, 1945. These are the minutes of the occupation.


Explicit compositions and special collection of themes enable an insight into the American era in Augsburg.


         Personal records and documents of the German-American Women´s Club.


    Numerous training and teaching material illustrate the demands on the soldiers.


          Invitations to Change of Command Ceremonies and other official events.


Left: A 1949 Telephone Directory shows the organizational structure of the first occupying forces. Right: The respective units designed special invitation brochures for Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinners.